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问题 I am looking for a procedure to apply bilinear interpolation to change the resolution of netCDF file (1.5°x1.5°) ---> (1.25°x0.9375°) Edit: I have been reading some pages and I found a function called remapbil . It comes from Climate Data Operator (CDO) . I tried to do the regrid but it did not work. We provide updated CDO Email List for all industries across the globe. You can reach out easily to Chief Data Officers with our CDO Email List and get leads Get Verified...

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#!/usr/bin/ksh #----- # NCL Doc Examples: NCL_cdo_remap_bilinear_CMIP5_grid_to_1x1deg_grid.ksh # Regrid CMIP5 grid to world grid 1x1 degrees - bilinear # # weights ...
CDO (Collaboration Data Objects) is an inbuilt ASP component used to send emails via ASP. It is widely used as a CDONTs replacement, because Microsoft discontinued the...cdo remapbil,r720*361 0.5* 但是发现插值出来的结果,latitude就是-88.5,-88.0这样的, 我自己希望能插值成 -88.75,-88.25这样格点,请问用什么命令呢

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May 25, 2020 · cat > mygrid << EOF gridtype = lonlat xsize = 192 ysize = 41 xfirst = -178.125 xinc = 1.875 yfirst = -90 yinc = 1.25 EOF cdo remapbil,mygrid # bi-linear interpolation cdo remapbic,mygrid # bi-cubic interpolation cdo remapnn,mygrid # nearest neighbour interpolation
cdo remapbil,n32 (B)に双一次補間を使用して再マッピングの例は、ここに1点の緯度、経度点に最近傍マッピングを使用して再マッピング例ですの: Biblioteca en línea. Materiales de aprendizaje gratuitos.

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I have some code that emails a workbook that is made and saved from the main work book, however as we use FirstClass as our email client it doesn't get as far as sending the email.
Emailing From Access. Emailing using CDO by hwkranger. 'REQUIRES MICROSOFT CDO LIBRARY INCLUSION Public Function SendOneEMailViaCDO(strBody As String...CDO Mail is a technique that binds you directly to your e-mail server to send out email(s). CDO Mail Pros. No e-mail client (Outlook, Thunderbird, …) need be installed.

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NetCDF files using structured grids contain variables with gridded data, this type of NetCDF file occur most frequently. netcdf4-python is a Python interface to the netCDF C library. thanks for your respond, but the command which has to executed must have to format like: (cdo remapbil,>targetgrid> ) otherwise it doesn´t work.
remap – str Name of the cdo remapping method to use rmapcon2, rmapbil, rmapnn etc… output_file – str Filename of output file. strict – bool If True only down-sampling is allowed. Field interpolation (remapbil, remapcon, remapdis, ..). Vertical interpolation (ml. Time interpolation (inttime, intyear). As an example of use of CDO, converting. GRIB to net. CDF can be as simple as. Gr. ADS). cdo - r - f nc copy file. ECMWF reanalysis on a reduced grid. R - f nc copy file. More information is available on the CDO homepage.

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CDO (Collaboration Data Objects) is an inbuilt ASP component used to send emails via ASP. It is widely used as a CDONTs replacement, because Microsoft discontinued the...
cdo -f nc复制 cdo -delete,timestep = 1, cdo -b 32 timselsum,24 cdo -expr,' ppt = tp * 1000'-setmissval,-9999.9 -remapbil,r240x120 . 但是我不确定这是正确的-有什么建议吗? Jul 10, 2012 · I can run the original hard coded script and it works fine so I would think that the CDO is installed. Tuesday, June 19, 2012 7:07 PM. text/html 6/19/2012 7:14:09 PM ...

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CDO: remapbil 2. Scalar quantity with conservation The next level of complexity involves remapping a scalar quantity such as ocean heat content (OHC), where it can be important to conserve the grid sum/total.
set fileName=%%~ni&&cdo mulc,86400 -yearsum -remapbil, !fileName!.nc unit_mm_yearsum_remapbil!fileName!.nc pause cdo是我的一个小程序,可是在windows下不能处理>2G的文件,只能在unix下,因此用了cygwin,可是我又不会cygwin 怎么运行,^_^。