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Field Artillery in Vietnam By David Powell Authors note: Although there are many members of this unit which owe their lives to the men of the 4/60th Air Defense Artillery (Quads and Dusters) as well as the Radar and Searchlight units this article will focus primarily on the organization of Field Artillery in Vietnam. This entire 55-minute video provides an overview of Dong Ha base during the vietnam war. To purchase the entire video go to The v...

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For Cohasset, Mass., 1969 held the worst eight months of the Vietnam War, when 5 of the town’s soldiers were killed in action. Jane McCarthy grew up in Cohasset.After graduation, she went on to...
Peak troop strength in Vietnam was 543,482, on 30 April 1969. Approximately 2,594,000 US Servicemen served in country during the Vietnam War. 1,736,000 were US Army. 391,000 were US Marines. 293,000 were US Airmen. 174,000 were US Sailors (this figure includes the US Coast Guard) Casualties: Hostile deaths: 47,359. Non-hostile deaths: 10,797 - The North Vietnamese cross the demilitarized zone (DMZ) at the 17th parallel to attack South Vietnam in what became known as the Easter Offensive. January The Paris Peace Accords are signed that provide a cease-fire

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When America first landed on the moon in July 1969, the world knew about it. But the previous month in Vietnam, when a U.S. Marine Corps ­reconnaissance patrol code-named “American Beauty” fought for its life, nobody knew the whole story of the Marines’ ­bravery. And none of the survivors could tell it themselves.
Wounded: U.S. Marines carry the injured during a firefight near the southern edge of the DMZ, Vietnam, October 1966. Worn down: An American Marine during Operation Prairie. DMZ tour Vietnam, DMZ tour from Hue, Vinh Moc tunnels tour Hue, Phong Nha - Dong Ha - Da Nang - Hoi An - Vietnam - Vietnam battlefield tours offered by Annam Tour and personally guided by its owner Mr. Vu

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December 1968 - U.S. troops in Vietnam reaches 540,000. July 1969 - President Nixon orders the first of many U.S. troop withdrawals from Vietnam. September 3, 1969 - Communist revolutionary leader Ho Chi Minh dies at age 79. November 13, 1969 - The American public learns of the Mai Lai massacre.
Unit histories don’t show activity in the Korean DMZ or herbicide exposure. This is a ridiculous position for JSRRC to take – unit histories simply do not document things like exposure to herbicides or agent orange. If they did, it wouldn’t have taken veterans 20 years after the Vietnam to find out how widespread the use was. The following pay chart shows the pay and allowances for soldiers serving in Vietnam in 1970. In addition to the amounts shown below, both officers and enlisted received $65.00 per month hostile fire pay and $30.00 family separation pay (officers, and enlisted over 4 years of service).

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Dec 01, 2008 · Free Online Library: 'Donut Dollies' at the DMZ.(1969, demilitarized zone ) by "Soldiers Magazine"; Military and naval science American soldiers Rites, ceremonies and celebrations Social aspects Entertaining Methods
Dmz Hotel. No reviews yet. Dmz Hotel is located at Vietnam, Hue, 21, Doi Cung Str..‎THE VIETNAM WAR, an immersive ten-part, eighteen hour documentary film series directed by acclaimed filmmakers Ken Burns and Lynn Novick, tells the epic story of one of the most divisive, consequential and misunderstood events in American history, as it has never before been told on film.

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Departing Hue, we headed up Rt. 1 to Dong Ha, a Marine supply base for the DMZ, and drove west on Rt. 9, parallel to the Cam Lo River. The first stop was the site of old Camp Carroll. This artillery fire base was located on a flat topped hill and had a commanding view of the valleys around.
Jul 28, 2019 · Heavy fighting intensifies in and around the DMZ, as South Vietnamese and U.S. troops engage a North Vietnamese battalion. In a seven and a half hour battle, 165 enemy troops were killed. At the... Jun 27, 2010 · In late 1969, the unit was ordered to reduce its operations by 30 percent, 43 and it lost 11 of its 25 aircraft. 44 Another complicating factor during the same period was the pending ratification by the U.S. Senate of the Geneva Protocol outlawing chemical and biological warfare. President Nixon favored ratification, but he maintained that the Geneva Protocol did not apply to herbicides and riot control agents.

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This entire 55-minute video provides an overview of Dong Ha base during the vietnam war. To purchase the entire video go to The v...
I recently received this picture from my buddy and former marine Dave Hulsey, he was with G-2-3 in Nam. Looks like up by the DMZ. Dave was sniper trained and holding m-14 rifle right side of flag. I just thought you might enjoy the picture. The picture was taken between Aug 67 and Sep 68 I think. Submitted by: Don Bumgarner